Some random mock-up designs


Upcoming website


The Life One

Complete Website

The Life One is a blog-magazine website run by Studio Sais. Designed for simplicity and positive appeal.
Keeping the look of website minimal, we tried to make it easy for visitors.

Glass & Stone LLC

Complete Website

A modern website based on jQuery and other latest modern technologies, developed for the American company.

Jekaterina Kugel

Complete Website

Online portfolio of actress and dancer Jekaterina Kugel. Design is simple and easy to use. Powered by jQuery as alternative to Flash.
She is very satisfied with our work and paid us bonus.

Studio Sais

Complete Website

The website for our Studio Sais. Designed for attractiveness.
CSS-3 powered coding and based on Wordpress.

NMD Bearings

Complete Website

Ecommerce website for NMD Bearings, an American company. Designed to look professional and trustworthy.
Built on WP Ecommerce on the chasis of Wordpress for easy site management for clients.

Machines and Wheels

Complete Website

Website of the American company 'Machines and Wheels'. Developed for satisfying the needs of the clients in regard of the functionality as well as appearance.

Arena Varanasi

Complete Website

Designed to look modern and impressive.
We used some Flash animation as requested by clients. Site is discontinued, but can be still viewed on our server.

MMMPG College

Complete Website

Official website of 'MMMPG College, Deoria' in Hindi language, traditional color scheme.
Development was supposed to be very quick. Built with simple PHP.

GS Translation

Complete Website

Website for translation service company based in Russia.
Based on Wordpress for ease of content management by the clients.